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ISSUPRO1.TXT 2/3/97 17K By David J. Ulmer (not copyrighted)



Have you noticed that we now have this large internet information 
super highway yet very few of us can get to work on it? It should 
be obvious that without a purely information based business 
entity we are never going to make much use of our information 

I have developed the concept for a new computer network business 
server that is truly revolutionary. I call this network system 
Language(ISSU), pronounced "Language of Issue" where ISSU stands 
for Intelligent_System_Specification_Unit. Now please don't 
immediately stop reading just because of the arrangement of words 
in the previous sentence, please bear with me and you will under-

First I must explain what I mean by the term Intelligent_System.
I don't mean artificial intelligence or computer intelligence, 
what I'm talking is about plain old human intelligence and noth-
ing more. Intelligent systems are things that intelligent humans 
create all the time but rarely realize it.  Lets look at 
Garbage_Removal as an example:

You get up in the morning and smell a foul odor in the kitchen, 
you look under the sink and find the garbage can full of smelly 
old food. You take the can outside and empty it into your street 
size container and return to the house. You now have completed 
part of the operation of an intelligent system we can call 
Garbage_Removal. This is a simple system that most people operate 
almost daily without giving it much thought, you just do what has 
to be done. But now lets take a closer look at the intelligent 
system we call Garbage_Removal.

Wednesday before 9 AM we must take the big garbage container out 
to the street so it can be picked up, this requires you to keep 
track of the day and time so that the can will be picked up. 
After 9 AM on Wednesday the intelligent system Garbage_Removal 
gets a lot more complicated because more intelligent humans 
become involved in the operation of  the System(Garbage_Removal).  
A large complicated truck ambles down the road stopping at each 
house and picking up the garbage. Now you may ask, why does that 
truck come down the road and pick up the garbage? What motivates 
the driver to do such a thing? Who owns the truck? Who built it? 
Who designed it? Where does it go? Why did they just drive by and 
not pick up my garbage?

Well guess what, System(Garbage_Removal) central computer detected 
that you did not pay your bill last month and therefore notified 
the truck driver not to pick up your garbage... Now 
System(Garbage_Removal) will require some of your intelligence to 
solve the problem. First you must bring back the full garbage 
container from the street so that your neighbors don't laugh at 
you for not paying your bill. Then you may need to buy an addi-
tional garbage can to hold the additional trash until next week. 
Of course you will need to get your bill paid real fast so that 
service will resume next week. To pay the bill quickly you need 
additional information, you call the garbage service company and 
ask the customer service person how you can quickly get your 
service resumed. As you can see the simple intelligent system of 
Garbage_Removal can sure get complicated. In fact many intelli-
gent systems that humans have developed are not really that 
simple when looked at in detail.

Currently information on how your System(Garbage_Removal) oper-
ates is stored in the minds of hundreds of people. Just think of 
your garbage removal company, they may have twenty trucks and 
fifty employees all involved full time in the operation of your 
System(Garbage_Removal). Proven techniques of successful garbage 
removal have been developed by trail and error over the past 
hundred years and these lessons have been passed down to and 
stored in the minds of the employees  of the collection compa-
nies. Today with the advent of recycling, complex procedures are 
printed and distributed to the homeowners to enable the system to 
operate properly. I hope now you can appreciate the complexity 
some of our intelligent systems have arisen to.

Today, people on computer networks have no organized way of 
capturing, storing, and sharing the detailed information neces-
sary to operate even a simple intelligent system like 
Garbage_Removal. Just think of how hard it would be to transfer 
knowledge of our system of garbage removal to the people of 
China, or how hard it would be for us to learn their system. Here 
is where the development of the Language(ISSU) comes in.

In studying how to capture the detailed information necessary to 
fully describe an intelligent system I found that all intelligent 
systems can be described by a simple overall structure that 
people can memorize and learn to work with.  Basically there are 
ten chapters to a database describing the:

Intelligent_System_Specification_Unit (ISSU):

1. NAME-------------- The name (ISSU) and all about the name

2. AUTHORS----------- Who is employed by the ISSU or business

3. PURPOSE----------- Detailed description of business purpose

4. ENVIRONMENT------- External factors that influence the system

5. LANGUAGE---------- Specialized language used in the business

6. OPERATION--------- Procedures used to operate the business

7. IMPLEMENTATION---- Detailed drawings and specifications

8. OWNERS------------ Specification of ownership of business 

9. MARKET------------ Customer profiles, advertising, marketing

10.VALUE------------- Current financial status

Now wouldn't it be nice if every business and other human endeav-
or had a little ten chapter book that completely described that 
activity in detail? Anyone could understand the business by just 
reading the book. Well this won't happen because intelligent sys-
tems don't lend themselves to being described in a static written 

Historically humans have recorded their knowledge in books, but 
books do not store intelligence. It takes the intelligence of a 
human to learn to use the knowledge that is stored in books. In 
schools there is always an intelligent "teacher" that transfers 
the static knowledge in books to the students dynamic mind in an 
intelligent manner.

Here in the 20th century we humans have discovered the computer 
and the computer in some respects can store intelligence, or at 
the very least "artificial intelligence". Artificial intelligence 
is simply the appearance of intelligence but I question whether 
it is real intelligence. Intelligent humans can program computers 
to perform tasks that appear intelligent to other humans some of 
the time. After a while and as times change this computer stored 
intelligence looses its spark and can become laughingly un- 
intelligent! Why does the passing of time change our perception 
of intelligent behavior?

Now in the 1990's we humans have developed a system that goes far 
beyond the computer in its ability to store intelligence, and 
that system is the Internet. The Internet is much more that just 
a bunch of interconnected computers, it is a bunch of intercon-
nected intelligent humans! The intelligence that can be stored 
using the internet is actually that intelligence stored in the 
minds of the humans that connect to the internet. The problem 
with the current internet design is that we have no means to 
coordinate and exploit this interconnected intelligence. 

The Language(ISSU) is a software system designed to interconnect 
the intelligence of many humans and direct that intelligence 
toward solving real life human problems in business, government, 
education or whatever. In fact your community could have a 
Garbage_Collection_ISSU that intelligent humans sign on to work for. 
A person could sign on as an intelligent truck driver and get all 
their instruction, duty assignments, and pay from the networked 

The Language(ISSU) provides jobs for computer interconnected 
intelligent humans! Language(ISSU) is a functional replacement 
for the corporate office environment. With the Language(ISSU), 
all human endeavors can be translated into an ISSU. Once trans-
lated these ISSU's can operate autonomously as independent intel-
ligent entities creating wealth and solving problems for the 
human race. With the Language(ISSU) human civilization will take 
a giant step forward that will be viewed historically as signifi-
cant as the development of writing itself!

As previously mentioned an ISSU is database divided into ten 
easily remembered chapters. Within these chapters is contained 
all the information necessary to completely describe the enter-
prise on which the ISSU is focused. When you access the database 
over the internet you navigate throughout the enterprise by 
keeping in mind the ten chapters and how they relate to each 
other. The user interface for the Language(ISSU) can be quite 
simple and easily understandable by all citizens. Keeping a 
consistent user interface for intelligent systems will make them 
easy to work for and do business with.

So what we have with the Language(ISSU) is a computer automated 
networked database that functions as an automatically managed 
employer of intelligent humans to perform intelligent tasks. 
These intelligent tasks can be anything from space travel to 
garbage removal. The intelligent humans get paid when they con-
tribute to the development and operation of an ISSU much as you 
would when you work for any business. Investors invest in ISSU's, 
customers pay for the services of an ISSU, and employees work for 
and get paid by the ISSU. In the future when thousands of ISSU's 
all around the world are competing for intelligent resources 
(employees) we humans will have the freedom to work for any one 
or many different enterprises. Life will be more interesting, we 
will get paid more, we can work from home if we want, and have 
many other benefits too.

Now we have covered what intelligent systems are, how they can be 
structured into a simple ten chapter database, and what can be 
done with these databases. In order to keep this document as 
short as possible, I will now address the more complicated issues 
that relate to the operation and development of the 

You may have noticed that I have yet to explain the use of the 
word "language" in Language(ISSU). Language(ISSU) is much more 
than just a ten chapter automated structured networked database, 
it is also an automated structured networked human language. 
Language(ISSU) machines operate on a strict subset of natural 
human language. A dictionary of this language is stored in the 
core document(ISSU.ISSU) and sets a language standard on which 
all ISSU's operate. This basic language can then be translated 
into any other human language around the world so that people 
from all over the world can work on the same ISSU using their 
native language. What makes this language understandable to all 
ISSU users is that the language is strictly computer automated in 
such a way that human miss-communication is prevented. How this 
is actually done is quite complicated but for the purposes of 
this document it should be enough to say that the core language 
is HUMU:=human_understandable.and.machine_understandable. The 
Language(ISSU) is a database system which to some degree can 
understand the language and content of the database, an do it in 
a way that expands and improves on human communication.

Looking at Language(ISSU) from some different perspectives we 
might view it as an automated information infrastructure for 
information age business and commerce. You could say that it is a 
standardized corporate database system. Sometimes I think of it 
as an operating system for human networks. Language(ISSU) is a 
telecommuters dream machine, a full service corporate entity that 
exists entirely in cyberspace. To the businessman its an automated 
fill-in-the-blanks way to start your own business. On the web 
is looks like the ultimate automated web site that serves all 
languages, and like corporations, creates and maintains itself 
automatically and sends money its owners. To corporations the 
Language(ISSU) is a slick full featured project management system 
that allows all projects to be run under a standard management 
philosophy that strictly adheres to the overall corporate philos-
ophy. For individuals its just where you drive to work on the 
information highway.

Fifty years ago if you were to say "word processor" people would 
think you were crazy, fifty years from now "ISSU machine" may be 
just as common a term. If corporations and other human enter-
prises are all viewed as "intelligent systems" then automated 
intelligent systems will fit right in. The line between human 
intelligence and machine intelligence will become more and more 
gray as we learn to store our intelligence in these machines. 
With the Language(ISSU) humans can comfort themselves in the 
knowledge that in spite of all their internal complexity these 
ISSU's are still only ten chapters long and always show a user 
friendly interface.


With the release of this document, and with many more to follow 
the concept of Language(ISSU) is being released to the public 
domain. Much like a computer programming language it is best not 
to keep the technology proprietary. The name Language(ISSU) is 
also being put into the public domain. It should not be trade-
marked. Internal operations of specific implementations may be 
patented but I recommend against it. The Language(ISSU) is a tool 
that we all need to better work together on the internet. It will 
not be productive to have elements of this tool tied up in courts 
as corporations squabble over who owns what. Its important that 
we get a good generic system up and running. 

The Language(ISSU) is a big project, it could easily take a 
billion dollars of effort to develop but when completed be no 
harder to use than the average PC email system. To get this 
project going I am now accepting donations of money, human re-
sources, corporate sponsorships, and university research to make 
Language(ISSU) happen as quickly as possible.

I encourage enlightened corporations all over the world to devel-
op their own versions of Language(ISSU) and let the spirit of 
healthy competition bring about the best possible system. Many 
new software and database technologies must be developed before a 
fully operational ISSU machine can be realized. These technolo-
gies will be valuable many other areas too. 

For people to work together to build a system like Language(ISSU) 
so that we can really commute to work via the internet will be a 
major undertaking. Language(ISSU) is not easy, like the inter-
state highway system, or the landing on the moon, it will take 
millions of man-hours to complete. I for one am fully confident 
that a system like this is very realizable and will do what I can 
to convince others and make this project a success.

If you can contribute funds or intelligence to this project 
please send a list of your resources, capabilities, interests, 
and availability to one of the following addresses:

P.O. Box 771
Beavercreek, OR


VOICE: (503) 631-3374

If you can contribute funds, make checks payable to:

Be aware that the above addresses are a low bandwidth slow node 
so be patient in waiting for a reply.

Project reports will be sent to all contributors via a wide band 
node so that they may follow the progress of the project. Volun-
teer contributors will receive work assignments via mail, email, 
or voice much in the same way as an actual ISSU would make work 
assignments to its intelligent resources. When sufficient funds 
become available workers will be paid for their contributions.



Dave Ulmer

Received on Tuesday, 4 February 1997 12:46:16 UTC