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contents: open threads, pending threads, closed threads.

Open Threads

i.e. threads where a comment has not yet been formally addressed by the WG

  1. [Fwd: Comments on SPARQL] (entailment, soundness, completeness)
  2. paper on RDF querying relevant to DAWG (and to current discussions)
  3. SPARQL Query Language
  4. some initial comments on SPARQL Query Language for RDF revision 1.596 of 19 December 2005
  5. HTTP response code discussion
  6. Major technical comment: identifier length
  7. minor technical on 5.4 Optional matching - formal definition
  8. minor technical on 9 Specifying RDF datasets
  9. minor technical on 10.1 Solution sequences and result forms
  10. minor technical on 10.3 Constructing an output graph
  11. minor technical on 11.2.2 Effective boolean value
  12. minor technical: A.7 grammar, rule [25] Constraint
  13. minor technical: omissions from Appendix B Conformance
  14. major technical: semantics are poorly specified
  15. major technical: runaway queries
  16. major technical: underspecified errors
  17. DAWG disjunction objection
  18. comment on wording at beginning of SPARQL Query Language for RDF
  19. comments on Section 1 and Section 2 of SPARQL Query Language for RDF
  20. RDF DAWG face to face meeting 2-3 Mar 2006
  21. some questions on ORDER BY

Pending Threads

i.e. threads where an representative of the WG has sent an [OK?] messge, i.e. message that formally addresses a comment and asks whether the commentor is satisfied. Threads where the commentor has replied without indicating satisfaction have not, yet, been separated out.

  1. SPARQL: Charmod conformance
  2. SPARQL: language tag issues
  3. SPARQL: Error handling
  4. SPARQL: External storage of queries
  5. SPARQL: QuotedIRIref too lax
  6. SPARQL: ORDER with IRIs
  7. SPARQL: isURI poorly named
  8. SPARQL: incorrect/confusing example in 9.3
  9. Query forms should be resources, not operations
  10. SPARQL: format based on Unicode?
  11. Please make sure the grammar is directly machine consumable.
  12. Comments on SPARQL: Querying the Dataset
  13. Comments on SPARQL: Semantics of queries involving named graphs
  14. Comments on last-call SPARQL draft 20050721, section 2
  15. Comments on SPARQL Query Language for RDF (21 July 2005 version)
  16. Example Errors
  17. comments on "SPARQL Query Language for RDF"
  18. Comments on last-call SPARQL draft 20050721, sections 3 onwards
  19. Comments on SPARQL from the XML Query and the XSL WGs
  20. [ISSUE ] SPARQL Protocol for RDF - Style for PRE boxes
  21. Comments on SPARQL protocol document
  22. [Fwd: SPARQL Protocol Review and Comments]
  23. SPARQL Query Results XML Format typo
  24. [comments] SPARQL Protocol against QA SpecGL ICS
  25. [comments] Note about WSDL2 Binding
  26. [comments] typo and general
  27. Wrong SOAP namespace
  28. need extar information in SPARQL
  29. WSDL comments on SPARQL Protocol LC Draft
  30. Traversing trees with sparql?
  31. HTTP Status Codes for QueryRequestRefused
  32. SPARQL Comments (Personal)
  33. Double binding of a WSDL 2.0 operation
  34. sparql describe - options?!
  35. Section 3 of SPARQL protocol partially out of scope.
  36. using sparql to generate test reports for RDF graphs
  37. Minor editorial issues for WD-rdf-sparql-protocol-20050914
  38. QName production in SPARQL grammar
  39. SPARQL Protocol: suboptimal examples
  40. Suspicious notation in SPARQL lexical rule for STRING_LITERAL_LONG1
  41. SPARQL DESCRIBE (Personal comments)
  42. Suspicious mismatch between SPARQL grammar rules and examples
  43. [public-rdf-dawg-comments] <none>
  44. minor technical comment on 2.1.3 Syntax of variables
  45. minor technical on 10.2 Selecting variables
  46. minor technical on 10.4.3 Description of resources
  47. minor technical on 11.2.1 Invocation
  48. minor technical on A.3 Keywords
  49. minor technical: are variable names case insensitive?
  50. minor technical comments on A.4 Comments
  51. minor technical: are periods separators or terminators?
  52. editorial comments on SPARQL Query Lanuage for RDF
  53. major technical: blank nodes
  54. major technical: orthogonality
  55. major technical: no subqueries
  56. major technical: no aggregates
  57. major technical: dateTime arithmetic
  58. major technical: no privilege model
  59. Use Case for DESCRIBE
  60. URI serialization issues
  61. Questions on the Sparql
  62. SPARQL Dataset Graph Pattern
  63. Comment: don't use ? and $. Pick one.

Closed Threads

i.e. threads where the commentor and the WG have come to consensus; any resulting changes are noted in the changelog of the respective document.

  1. Last Call for comments on "SPARQL Query Language for RDF"
  2. SPARQL: use of "my", etc in examples
  3. SPARQL: W3C QA Guidelines conformance
  4. SPARQL: XML 1.1 EBNF normative
  5. SPARQL: RFC 3066 reference normative
  6. SPARQL: Misspelled terms
  7. SPARQL: IRIs vs RDF URI References
  8. SPARQL: sparqlResults namespace
  9. SPARQL: missing references in appendix
  10. SPARQL: BASE IRI resolution
  11. SPARQL: test-manifest.n3 link
  12. SPARQL: Security Considerations
  13. Editorial comment on SPARQL Query Language Last Call
  14. Specifying RDF Datasets
  15. Sparql editorial comment: acknowledge prior art
  16. SPARQL: Backslashes in string literals
  17. SPARQL: Editorial comments on Last Call WD
  18. Bug: "A value disjunction that encounters a type error on only one branch will return the result of evaluating the other branch."
  19. SPARQL variable names syntax
  20. SPARQL Query Results XML Format: XML 1.1
  21. SPARQL Results Format and Unbound Variables
  22. Roman Numeral test Was: Bug: "A value disjunction that encounters a type error on only one branch will return the result of evaluating the other branch."
  23. twinql Retrospective
  24. General Document Comments
  25. SPARQL: Another dditorial comment on SPARQL Last Call WD
  26. Typo in RDF Dataset definition
  27. SPARQL Protocol: inconsistent parameter names
  28. Some typos in WD
  29. Small comment on rdf-sparql-xmlres and CSS styling
  30. inconsistent use of terminology in SPARQL query language document
  31. querying RDF lists
  32. SPARQL Protocol for RDF
  33. Broad application of CSS hypertext pseudo-classes (as to SPARQL "link" elements)
  35. SPARQL Protocol comments (editorial)
  36. Namespaces
  37. Query By Reference in SPARQL Protocol
  38. SPARQL Protocol Spec Examples
  39. CONSTRUCT: allow *?
  40. disjunction, query language, data representation ...
  41. WD 23 nov 2005, mini typos / mbox uris
  42. BASE absolute IRIs
  43. Minor editorial issues observed in WD-rdf-sparql-query-20051123
  44. trailing dot in grammar rule for decimals
  45. typo (?givenName in
  46. langMatches wording in sparql query 2005-11-23 and tests
  47. Protocol erratum
  48. SPARQL and Unicode versions
  49. Incorrect braces in Sparql test cases
  50. Common variables across multiple optional blocks
  51. Grammar updated to reflect BGP/Constraint interpretation
  52. SPARQL: arguments for built-in calls to generic?
  53. Some typos in SPARQL spec
  54. Typos in SPARQL
  55. Comments on Feb 20 Working Draft of SPARQL
  56. Typo in SPARQL