Memorandum of Mutual Understanding (MoMU): - will show the agreed page[1] until Sept. 11 2002, when it will be transferred to the espians. - We intend to fairly mention and link to the other project according to our judgement. - Project code as of this date is owned by the respective authors and licensed under the LGPL. - Developers of either project (including all espians) are free to work on the other project. - In general, both projects and their developers intend to work peacefully together and treat each other with respect. - This decision is final. [1] The HTML document below (minor modifications are allowed): ---BEGIN--- Project has split

Project has split

The Plex project has split:

Each project is exploring the same ideas, but with different processes.

Agreed 2002-03-07 by Aaron and tav
---END--- Signed 2002-03-07 UTC, tav 2C8C 6088 F3CB 201F 2ED9 857E 0E8D 252C 9B76 6424 Aaron Swartz 4FAC 4838 B7D8 D13F A6D9 2EDB 4145 521E 79F0 DF4B Jill Lundquist AB15 9B53 9067 EDDC 11BF EBDA 660D 9D8A BA7B 6609