A LINK tag for documents pointing to ours?


Perhaps any of you could help me with the LINK REV=xxx

With the CERN server, Im able to record the web documents
which refer to any page in our server (see
or the recent posting in www-talk). So I could include
dinamically in the HEAD of our pages a list of external
pages linking with ours. This would made a nice tool for
a user to find related pages, if some browser comes to supoort
it in the future. 

But, I'm not sure about which REL/REV tag would be used to
accomplish this. The REL=Previous seems restricted to
guided tours, according specifications... It could be a
decent candidate if browsers become able to support 
multiple Next/Previous relationships.

Any clue or suggestion?           

					Alejandro Rivero

Received on Wednesday, 11 December 1996 14:18:13 UTC