amaya length miscalculations in tables

i did some sleuthing and its table constructs that use </br>
to wrap lines  that cause the issues with amaya but not other
browsers .....  note the wrapping in my navbar at top of

if i rewrote the menu to be 3 cols  by 3  rows   (or 2 or 4 as needed)
there is no issue    but i want it to be more flexible so i wrote
it as a 3 cols X 1 row    where middle column might have one or 
two </br>  to get new lines ......  
this is legal coding and other browsers have no problem with it....
maybe now that i have isolated the issue, it can be fixed ......
it has to do with wrapping at a miscalculated length ......... 

John Russell, VE3LL@COGECO.CA

Received on Thursday, 10 September 2009 20:01:25 UTC