Re: False parsing error inside href="http://..." !

On 31/08/09 11:24, Dominique Meeùs wrote:
> *** Errors/warnings in [MyFile].html
>  line 1969, char 98: not well-formed (invalid token)
> But the line is
>  <em class="ouvrage"><a 
> href="">Dreams 
> which is perfectly legitimate (char. 98 is the d of id=). I ask the 
> file index.php to view the resource whose id is 401. I cannot but 
> write id=401. Amaya should not bother with what I write between the " ".
Amaya is right to complain about this un-escaped '&'. In HTML, character 
'&' introduces an entity, which must be closed by a ';'. This applies to 
attribute values too.
I guess you mean "&amp;id=401" instead of "&id=401".
You can check your documents with the W3C validator :


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