Re: False parsing error inside href="http://..." !

Helder Magalhães a écrit ce qui suit, le 31/08/09 12:06 :
> Hi Dominique,
>>  line 1969, char 98: not well-formed (invalid token)
>> But the line is
>>  <em class="ouvrage"><a
>> href="">Dreams
>> which is perfectly legitimate (char. 98 is the d of id=).
> The problem here isn't the "d" of "id" but it's the fact that you
> haven't escaped the "&" character in the URL, reason why Amaya (and
> probably other browsers/HTML parsers also) is complaining: it's trying
> to parse "id" as an HTML/XML entity [1]. Replacing "&" by "&amp;" will
> probably "fix" it (note that I haven't tried to reproduce this
> behavior). ;-)

Yes, Amaya was emphasising the d but eventually I understood it was the &

Is it normal to "parse" as html or xml a value inside " " and/or to 
"correct" it?

Html Tidy does also correct such a & in a URL. I remember that some 
servers do not understand http requests with &amp; instead of &. I had 
to re-correct all my &amp; back to & after using Tidy (I knew there were 
no other & than in URLs). If the correct syntax is 
"" why 
should Amaya or Html Tidy make this impossible?

Amicalement, Dominique.

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