Re: Can Amaya manage external css?

> I have en external style-sheet linked to my document. When I formate the
> page, I expect that the rules would come up in the external page. But they
> are coming up inside the html-side. Is it possible to get the css-codes to
> the external css-sheet?

> Please, answer me if it is possible to manage external css in Amaya. I
> enabled an external stylesheet, but anyway, I got only inline css. Not even
> embedded css. I think that inline css is so totally meaningsless. %-| I want
> to get at least embedded css, but external is best. I try and try untill I
> know that it is impossible.

If I understand well, what you want is the following behaviour: when you select
an element and apply a rule with the WYSIWYG interface, then the rule is
directly written in an external stylesheet. Currently, I don't think the WYSIWYG
interface of Amaya can do this. I suppose this could be implemented by assigning
an id to the element if it does not have one and write its CSS rule in an
external file using this id (with of course the issue of duplicated ids).
However I believe an external stylesheet is used when you want to share a set of
rules between several elements (possibly in different documents). In this case,
I don't really see how it can be implemented easily and with a user-friendly
interface, but it is an interesting open question.

There are three tool panels that can be used to handle style in a semi-WYSIWYG
interface (I don't remember the exact names of the panels):
- the stylesheet panel, where are listed the css files used by your document.
You can add/remove these file or open them. To edit one of the file, you need to
know the CSS syntax but the style dialog (button "CSS" in the toolbar) can help
you: the rules are directly inserted in your CSS file when you close the dialog
- the attribute panel, that can be used to add "ids" to your element.
- the class panel, where are listed the class applied to the selected element.
It can be used to apply/remove classes.

Received on Saturday, 29 August 2009 18:20:42 UTC