Spell check, Dictionary creation

(1) Bug: There are only 7 public dictionaries for Amaya [1]. But there 
are no Norwegian or Russian dictionaries, for example. As a workaround, 
I would like to create a personal dictionary - or "source dictionary" - 
according to the rules Irene described in a previous message [2] and 
then to just rely on the personal dictionary. I would use an ispell or 
OpenOffice dictionary as basis.

However, the personal dictionary only works together with the 7 public 
dictionaries, it seems. So if I have <body xml:lang="no">, then Amaya 
does not use the personal dictionary. So this workaround is actually 
closed, it seems. (I could fake and use xml:lang="en", I guess ... but 
that seems meaningless.)

Could this be changed so that the personal dictionary works with any 
language? Or, at the very best, I would like to be able to create 
(personal) dictionaries that are language specific.

(2) How to create a compiled dictionary?

Based on the mentioned message from Irene [2], I downloaded the 
"extenddic.tgz" package[3], and unpacked it. I understood that the 
included compiler needed some extra include files, and so I also 
downloaded the full source of Amaya 11.2, and dropped the content of the 
extenddic package (the files "traiter.c" et al.) into the folder 
"amaya-fullsrc-11.2/Amaya/thotlib/internals/h", as this seemed to be 
where the include files was located  - I have no clue where else to put 

Then I ran


from the commandline. Only to get a lot of error messages about other 
lacking files as well. I located those files and placed a copy in the 
same folder, only to get other error messages (such as 
«/usr/lib/gcc/powerpc-apple-darwin9/4.0.1/include/varargs.h:4:2: error: 
#error "GCC no longer implements <varargs.h>."» and «appstruct.h:22: 
error: syntax error before ‘Proc’»

Perhaps there is a more complete (and perhaps updated) explanation of 
how to create a dictionary? (I noticed that the "extenddic" package is 
from March 2000.)  The basic info I need is a) where to place the 
'extenddic' files and b) the syntax of the command line command ...

If not, is there any way I could send a raw dictionary (and the personal 
dictionary is one such example, I think) to someone so they can compile 
and include the dictionary in Amaya?

[1] http://www.w3.org/Amaya/User/SourceDist.html
[2] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-amaya/2001AprJun/0050.html
[3] http://www.w3.org/Amaya/Distribution/extenddic.tgz
leif halvard silli

Received on Tuesday, 18 August 2009 12:54:37 UTC