Re: Background image excluding margins

On 13-08-2009 20:01, Keith Rubow wrote:

> My tests indicate that if the CSS is applied to the html element, the 
> background image follows the specified margins. However, it the 
> stylesheet is modified to:
> body {margin-left: 4% ; margin-right: 4% ; background-color: yellow ;
>  background-image: url(100x75.jpg) }
> then the background image and background color is rendered all the way 
> to the left and right edges (with no margin), while the page content has 
> the margins. Interestingly, Amaya renders the background color over the 
> entire height of the page, but renders the background image only as far 
> down the page as the content of the page (text, etc.), which seems to be 
> different from most other browsers. Other browsers render the background 
> image over the entire height of the page. I had to change the background 
> color to see how it was rendered.

Quite right. Thanks to all who replied.

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Jose Carlos Santos

Received on Thursday, 13 August 2009 20:31:49 UTC