Re: Table background

Hi everyone,

> I could set the color, but not the background image.

I realized that, although Amaya sets the appropriate CSS information
(one may confirm toggling "view source" and/or by opening the document
in other browser such as Firefox), there seem to be a couple of

1. The background image isn't rendered by Amaya, thereby becoming
somehow confusing (the style information is there but no visual
feedback is obtained);

2. The URI is not escaped as the standard [1] states it should,
thereby URI which contain spaces ("My image.png", for example) to fail
(at least in Firefox and Opera). A quick experiment confirmed that
placing a quote (optional [1]) around the URI helps avoiding escaping
the URL's special characters, although I'm not sure if that would be
conformant behavior.

3. When the image URI is absolute and comes from a local resource, the
file URI scheme [2] should be used ("file:///C:/My image.png" instead
of "C:/My image.png").

I haven't checked for the possibility of these could be regressions
from previous Amaya versions.

Hope this helps,


Received on Monday, 10 August 2009 13:39:21 UTC