Re: Table background

Hi Ivan,

> How can I make a
> background colour or image for a table?

Well, after a set of quick experiments, I'd say you can:

1. Select the table element (best way seems to be place the cursor
within the table and afterwards click on "table" in the status bar
element navigation (for example "html > body > table");
2. And, depending on what you intend:
2.1. For setting a background color, simply select it in the "Style"
portion of the right tool set bar;
2.2. For setting a background image, use the "Style" menu, "Style
Editor..." option, "Colors" tab, "background-image" and other
"background-*" properties for tweaking appearance. Note that this
dialog also allows setting background color (it's more complete than
the more usual style stated in 2.1).

I'm not sure if there's a simpler way of doing this. The "trick" seems
to be in selecting the proper element to be styled: usually, when
using the cursor and/or mouse to navigate within the document, usually
you end up selecting leaf elements (such as the table cells,
paragraphs, etc.) instead of the container elements (tables, "div"
elements, etc.). ;-)

Hope this helps,

Received on Sunday, 9 August 2009 13:30:23 UTC