Re: newbie &nbsp representation question

Mon, 3 Aug 2009 16:36:58 -0600, /J. Waldram/:

> Amaya 11.2, with the "Keep multiple 
> Spaces" option, the &nbsp is represented as a hex byte 0xa0 instead of 
>   or  .  Is this a mis-translation for the &nbsp that is 
> rendered by browsers?  Since XML does not allow &nbsp and the &#xa0 is 
> allowed could this be recoded as a text string not a hex byte?

It is not a "hex byte" but the NBSP character included literally in 
the text (if you choose UTF-8 or another UTF variant then the 
character will be represented by two or more bytes).  I guess it is 
included like that as it gets just one character in the source vs. 6 
(  or   or  ).  If you set your source encoding to 
US-ASCII then this character cannot be literally encoded therefore 
Amaya will write it as  .


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