Re: MathML Browser test page II

Hello Cristiano,

The page :
is a valid 'XHTML 1.1 Plus MathML 2.0' page with valid
CSS level 2.1 code.

The page displays quite well on Firefox with STIX Beta fonts
and Internet Explorer with MathPlayer.

The problem is that Amaya is (politely said) "less than optimal" 
at displaying MathML.

Opera 10 Beta 2 displays the page about as well as Amaya 11.2.

Some of the missing characters you observed could
be due to the font used.  It would be nice if the default
font for MathML on Amaya was the STIX fonts, since
they cover most mathematical characters and look good
when displayed.


Cristiano Guglielmetti wrote:
> Hi Joe,
> I had some problems in Amaya (11.2) with:
> Schwinger-Dyson equation: some chars are missing
> Differentiable Manifold (tangent vector): some chars are missing
> CichoĊ„'s Diagram: unusable
> Test 1: unusable
> Test 2: some chars are missing
> Best regards,
> Cristiano Guglielmetti

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