Problems with typing divs

I typically write documents with lots of divs, one after the next. My  
stylesheet puts a border round each div, so I can see them as I type.

I used to like the old interface that Amaya had:

	^H^V    to create a div
	Type type type
	[return]	creates a new empty paragraph within the div
	[return]	deletes the empty paragraph, and leaves the div

Then I could type ^H^V again, and carry on.
This is how <ul>s (still) work.

Then the interface got changed, alas, and hitting return multiple times  
just gave you empty paragraphs in the div. Instead, you had to:

	^H^V	create the div
	Type type type
	F2	widen to the whole div
	[return]	A new empty div was created after the current div.

Above all this made it hard to insert stuff between divs, and I had to  
resort to source view a lot.

But now even this seems to have changed: if I F2 to the whole div and hit  
return, all that happens is the content of the div gets deleted. Now I  
have to resort to source view *all the time* for each div.

Please reinstate the original method! (Shift-return as is used to get out  
of a <pre> would be an acceptable second-best).



Received on Thursday, 2 July 2009 13:42:34 UTC