Irritating behavior when creating a new file

Ever so often, I get bitten by the following behavior--this is on Ubuntu.

1) File->New->New Document
2) In the resulting dialog, click on the folder icon
3) I select the directory, and then I accidentally add the name of the 
file that I would like to create.
4) Click Open
5) I see in horror that Amaya now intends to open 
6) I hit Cancel
7) I start from scratch, File->New->New Document
8) I am now VERY CAREFUL not to type in the file in the file chooser, 
but only in the text field in the first dialog
9) Amaya produces a confusing message that it cannot create 

You see, in step 3 or 4, it has already created the directory 
/home/cay/somedirectory/mynewfile.html/, and so it really cannot create 
that file.

PLEASE make it so that it doesn't create directories with extension .html.




Cay S. Horstmann | |

Received on Monday, 15 June 2009 14:58:43 UTC