Re: Special characters

Steven Pemberton schrieb:
> Could I make a request for a future enhancement to Amaya that the HTML
> character entity characters be made available in the special characters
> flip down in the Tools toolbar?
> Misc has a number of them, but it is a pain to have to go into source view
> to add the ones that aren't there (and aren't on my keyboard).

Alternatively, if you use Linux, you can try one of my input methods:
The advantage of these input methods is that they can be used in almost every 

Most of them are not yet mature and contain only a small set of characters 
which are all related to mathematics. However, the input method "Entities" 
contains a lot of characters which you can enter like XML entities. For 
example > yields > and α yields α. Unfortunately, using numeric 
entities is not possible. However, it should contain all entities you need, 
even entities that are not related to methematics.


Received on Saturday, 30 May 2009 10:12:10 UTC