Re: Publish PDF/Word files with Amaya?

Hi Mark,

> We have some users who want to maintain their web pages with Amaya and asked
> about moving PDF/Word files to their web folders using Amaya.

Do you mean "moving" in the sense of converting document formats
(PDF/doc to HTML)?

Note that PDF, although being a vector format, is many times produced
by printer-like software which destroy the document semantics. Trying
to convert from this format will tend to be hard (naturally, your
mileage may vary)...

Both for PDF and Word (I assume Microsoft Office Word format, .doc or
.docx) you may try a combination of Open Office and the PDF input
extension [1], later outputting the documents as HTML (Open Office
does that).

If that's not what you meant, please provide additional detail in
order to get more interesting feedback.

> I didn't see
> anything in the docs, in the list archives, or anything via Google, but
> wanted to make sure the answer is really "Amaya can't do that."

My guess is that you are right and this is quite off-scope of the
Amaya as far as I can tell. But of course the Amaya team will be able
to confirm this will much more accuracy. ;-)



Received on Thursday, 28 May 2009 07:23:58 UTC