Re: Why doesn't amaya support framesets?

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There is a lot of problems with frames. Here is some examples listed in 
the Working Draft of XFrames [1] :

    * The [back] button works unintuitively in many cases.
    * You cannot bookmark a collection of documents in a frameset, or 
send someone a reference to the collection.
    * If you do a [reload], the result may be different to what you had.
    * [page up] and [page down] are often hard to do.
    * You can get trapped in a frameset.
    * Searching finds HTML pages, not Framed pages, so search results 
usually give you pages without the navigation context that they were 
intended to be in.
    * Since you can't content negotiate, noframes markup is necessary 
for user agents that don't support frames. However, almost no one 
produces noframes content, and so it ruins Web searches, since search 
engines are examples of user agents that do not support frames.
    * There are security problems caused by the fact that it is not 
visible to the user when different frames come from different sources.

    Moreover, in the case of an editor such that Amaya, I think it is 
quite difficult to find an user-friendly interface to edit frames. 
Mixing several Web pages, the "frameset" document and the special Amaya 
views in each tab would be inconvenient and counterintuitive for the 
users and lead to several editing issues.


> I'm new to Amaya, so I began by reading the User Manual. On the HTML
> reference page I was surprised to read that Amaya doesn't support
> (inserting?) framesets, only editing framesets.
> What is the reason for this? Lots of web sites use frames. Are frames going
> away or being replaced?
> TIA,
> Newbie to Amaya (and serious web authoring)

Received on Sunday, 10 May 2009 09:11:56 UTC