Re: loggin to a php/mysql website throuhg amaya dev browser

2009/4/27 Helder Magalh„es <>

> Hi neeteex,
> > I like the idea of using a 100% W3C AND WYSIWYG editor, but does it allow
> by
> > any chance a "browser mode" to let me loggin to my site so that I can
> check
> > the other pages (not only login form !) ?
> The "browser mode" is an enhancement which was already requested
> several times (over the mailing list, at least).
> Nevertheless, what you are experiencing doesn't seem to have anything
> to do with this. Not passing for the login form suggests a server
> configuration issue, a design issue in the that specific login form or
> even an Amaya issue. Remember that Amaya requires double-click in
> links in order to activate them (that's somehow derived to the fact
> that it's always in editing mode).

Yes, I saw that, but the trouble is that I want to edit a php file that is
not accessible without a connection cookie : If you want to try it, install
a forum like "fluxBB 1.2.21" ( ) and change
access options to make index board hidden from all but connected members.
Then, if you try to edit your index.php file (or any other in your folder)
Amaya will ask you to register, wich means entering login and password in
login.php (as would your browser). Then, you'll realise you are stuck,
because whatever you enter in the field, amaya considers it as a
modification of the login.php file, instead of connecting you (setting
correct cookie).

Of course, this can be overpassed if changing configuration of you site
(setting index board viewable to all), but it would be interesting to let
Amaya handle that issue of accepting cookies, like a web browser.

> Please consider adding more details such as:
>  * Amaya version ("Help"/"About Amaya");


>  * Operating system and version;

Ubuntu 9.04

>  * Type of authentication the login form involves (HTTP basic/digest,
> cookies, etc.);


>  * If possible, a test case so the one can try to figure the problem
> out (is it happening in an private site or is it online?).

private, wich is exactly the problem : no possibility for Amaya to access
it, even on my own machine with the correct login / password ! To figure
out, install fluxbb forum, or use any site of your own where access is
granted through cookie connection.

Sorry for delayed answer,


Received on Tuesday, 5 May 2009 10:39:16 UTC