Re: Automatic Line Feed makes Amaya 881 Crash

On Friday 23 September 2005 08:26, Thomas Jedenfelt wrote:
> Hi Irene,
> This morning, the reinstalled Amaya crashed once, while typing text in a
> saved copy of Amaya's 'Release History', 228KB.
> Also, Amaya lost focus on a couple other occasions, while typing text in a
> 22KB size document.
> It is difficult to reproduce, as it happens at random and, apparently, for
> no reason. Then, to reproduce the behaviour, it seems you need to type text
> in Amaya every once in a while during the day, and hope for the worst
> (remember to keep the Amaya window narrow).

When this occurs could you try to move the cursor with left or right arrow?
Perhaps the cursor is there but it's not displayed.
Could you also remember us the Amaya version you're using?

> Also, after I reinstalled Amaya, my settings were preserved (for example
> Windows Geometry).
> Then, it seems that Amaya does not erase the user configurations in the
> Windows Registry(?) after uninstalling.

Yes, we keep user configurations when the user changes his Amaya version.

> I can't believe this would affect Amaya's strange behaviour described
> above, but I thought I should mention it.

I don't think that strange behaviour comes from user configurations as this is 
considered by the application. I guess it comes from files that should change 
and are not overwritten by the install.

> I hope you will be able to fix this behaviour, as it is critical for
> editing documents: what you type may get lost.
> Regards,
> Thomas Jedenfelt

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