Re: Containing block for absolutely positioned elements

/Irene Vatton/:
> On Tuesday 30 August 2005 22:17, Stanimir Stamenkov wrote:
>> /Stanimir Stamenkov/:
>>> Amaya 9.2.1 doesn't determine the containing block for absolutely
>>> positioned elements correctly. Seems a containing block is established
>>> only if its 'position' property is 'absolute' or 'fixed'.
> This bug is now fixed.
> I also made the change concerning viewports and margin, border, padding.
> But I don't understand what rule says that the last div is smaller than 
> others.

Amaya 9.2.2 - it is better, thank you.

Another set of related problems - the positions are not updated 
correctly when one resizes the window:

It gets worse using floated elements - the right side cap is 
rendered outside the container (before resizing the window):

and even the caps in the #relative element, which is in the normal 
flow, don't get their positions updated correctly (in contrast with 
the previous test case).

In the test with the floated elements I wasn't able to use 
percentages for height for some reason. Both cases rely on the older 
(still the current in fact) CSS 2 recommendation where the BODY 
element, instead of the root HTML element, is laid out in the 
initial containing block.


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