Re: [Announce] Amaya snapshots 9.2.2

On Saturday 17 September 2005 15:20, Micha wrote:
> > You can download the snapshots from the Distribution page:
> >
> I'm running debian testing, but i think i could try to install the snapshot
> along with necessary dependencies. But i'm not sure which one would be the
> rioght package, for example, what is 'Debian Mesa' ? This is a i586
> standard box.

Mesa is a library that implements OpenGL.
The "Debian Mesa" version  is compiled and statically linked with Mesa.
It's not optimized (software functions) but we are quite sure of the result.
The "Debian GL hardware" uses the hardware implementation of OpenGL.
It can be more performant, but could generate strange bugs if your hardware 
implementation is buggy.

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