Re: BUG: multiple in Mac OS X 10.4.2

On Tuesday 30 August 2005 22:28, Lonny L. Granstrom wrote:
> Hello,
> Regarding all the previously reported bugs.
> None of the behaviors are consistent with Amaya 8.8.1. WHY?
> Cut & paste from structure view window in 8.8.1 DOES include tags!

This is not a bug but a feature.
In Structure and Formatted views Amaya do structured Cut & Paste. In Source 
view, the structure is limited to lines.
Tags only make sence in the Source view. The role of a tag is to give the 
start limit or the end limit of an element.
This works the same way in 9.2.1 and 8.8.1.

> If none of the basic edit functions work properly except in source
> view, why are other view needed?

Try to copy a paragraph or a division (use F2 to select enclosing elements) 
including links from one document to another and you could understand the 
benefic of structure editing. Links are automatically updated, there is no 
duplicate id.

> Where is the Attribute Menu, for example?
> Without a visible "new" toolbar - cannot edit any attribute.

In WX version, the Attribute Menu is by defult shown in the toolbar, but could 
be displayed as a permanent menu (called palette).

> I am extremely frustrated with 9.2.1.
> Changes were made in basic functionality - not replaced!

This will be available in the new version.

> Regards,
> Lonny L. Granstrom

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