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> is an attempt to document the tools needed to use CVS
         [with amaya]
> it could use some editing to enlighten those of us of a
> non - unix mentality ;-] ;-]

In what way?  It says get these tools and run them thusly.
Many command line instructions issued by Microsoft say run
this command from a command prompt without explanation.  If you can
specifiy what you need it may be possible to refine this.
> the pointer for getting CVS leads to a directory rather than

Which one?  "use the CVS Repository"

Well, it is a directory, that is what CVS is.  That's to browse the
files therein and the cvs commands below that link will get it for you.
This is a web based interface to examine the files in the

> to html that is user focussed.  the directory has many obscure
> names and incantations common in unix world but not in Windows
> for example -- i cant even see a .zip file or .exe to download

Winzip [et al] will cope with .tar.gz files, as appear in

You'll need to compile the results of unpacking them, but you'll
need a compiler anyway.  Then when you'll get the stuff from the
repository by "checking it out" with the resulting CVS tools.

There are books on CVS, one of which is online

and "Pragmatic Version Control with CVS" is good too (and shorter),
but not free

> to install the CVS system.  I know that most visitors
> are unix beasts and they really don't even see a problem ...

This might help

I've never used that.  Alternatively, you may have some success with

> Can Amaya staff set up an intermediate page or point to a
> better download area .....  Something more like how

If you are looking at CVS you are entering an area with "wet paint"
so you need to know what you are doing.

> the site handles downloading of software ...
> now there is a group that has come out of the ground
> once in a while....  select perl --- then select windows 32
> from an html page ...  gee someone who knows html.
> John Russell, VE3LL@RAC.CA


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