Re: Can't save with amaya

On Tue, 2005-08-09 at 11:00 +0200, Daniel Dardailler wrote:
> I'm trying to change the title of this page
> and I get a Cannot save msg from Amaya.

<steve> Any ideas why I cannot save from Amaya the W3M agenda:
<steve> I get a "Cannot save in http:...."  msg
* steve gives up
<vivien> Hi steve
<vivien> no idea why
<vivien> the files in cvs looks fine
<vivien> dd modified it 2 hours ago
<vivien> Yves, can you see in Jigsaw logs what happens
<vivien> dd reported this issue on sysreq
<Yves> "precondition failed"
<Yves> meaning that amaya asked "do that only if..." the the if was not
<vivien> maybe the doc is not valid ?
<Yves> nothing to do with that, it's at the http level
<Yves> current etag is "gldlld:10mfrkaeg"
* vivien wonders what can of check is Amaya doing and if that's on le
document side or protocl side
<vivien> ah ok
<Yves> amaya says "do the PUT only if the etag is "gldlld:10mef75sg"
<Yves> the server being HTTP/1.1 compliant...
<vivien> that means they're not working on the latest version of the
<vivien> ?
<Yves> in previous amaya version it was possible to say "don't bother,
<Yves> vivien: yep
<vivien> ok
<vivien> Steve, could you reload your document in Amaya, it seems you
are not working on the latest version

> Also, amaya 8.8 on xp, I get all sort of weird bogus background patterns on the 
> editing window, red stripes, etc.

Please try with the latest stable version (as of today: Release 8.8.1)
[1] and if you still have this issue details to the Amaya team at



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Received on Wednesday, 10 August 2005 12:13:20 UTC