Re: amaya 9.2.1

On 12/07/2005, at 20:47:31 +0200, Irene Vatton wrote:
> Amaya 9.2.1 is the first native MacOS X version.
> Other versions are shynchronized with this release and then include  
> some bug
> fixes:
> - The CSS parser didn't skip comments
> - New font locations are now checked on Windows platforms
> - Sometimes background images were not displayed
> - History was lost after a crash

Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to the compiler of this MacOS  

I can forgive the few lingering Control-foo key commands when we have
real Acqua interface, split screen views, horizontal and vertical,
the cosmetics are streets ahead of that ugly X11 stuff ;-)

I'm assuming the CSS and XML performance will far exceed my needs,

one little doubt: I know it's open source tradition that all files
should be editable by the owner, but in a compiled it's
normal that the Help files are read-only.

thanks again

Peter Kerr              2.0 (727)
Snr Technician
School of Music,  University of Auckland,  New Zealand

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