RE: No Text 9.2

Quoting "Gibson, Ronald" <>:
> I have opened my regular page and there is not text, just all the images
> a crammed together.  I went and tried to view the source and there is
> nothing.  My page is 104K and
> here is a screenshot of the editor.

I am (un?)fortunate to have MacOS 10.4.1 and no working Amaya 9.2 yet.
But when I point Amaya 8.6.2 at it complains:

   Not Well-Formed XML document - Reload as HTML or show parsing errors?
   [Reload]  [Show]  [Cancel]

If I click [Reload] it loads the page more or less OK as html
If I click show it draws a one text line high blue band across the page, and 
shows me what it believes to be a parsing error:

   line 23, char 2: mismatched tag

Tag in question is </head> which looks OK to me, but I'm not a transitional 
XHTML expert. All the page source was visible in Source View.


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