Re: Amaya WX 9.0-pre4 hangs in background on Win XP

Selon Allan Rabjerg <>:

> Hi,
> When I selected a few lines in Source View with Shift+Down, Amaya WX
> 9.0-pre4 marked many lines and locked up. Any new restart after that only
leaved me with amaya.exe running as a process using 27.320Kb, but no visible

Was it your first lounch with Amaya this one version ? I started it several
times under GNU/Linux Debian, but here it crashes sometimes when opening a new
tab. The processes run normally when lounching again. The function that saves
the running document seems to work each time, too.

> Uninstalling Amaya WX 9.0-pre4 and restarting Win XP did not make any
> difference.
I wonder if your .exe is ok. Did you load a new one after uninstalling or did
you uncompress from the original .exe you loaded first ?

> Before marking the lines, I had used the XHTML function to make an index of
> all header lines in the file. That seemed to be OK.

> I have Amaya 8.7 installed in another directory.
To be able to pursue working, or do you think the files could interfere ?

> Besides the possible bug, there is a need the install process for some kind
> of initialization or reset (in the registration database?).
> Something needs to be cleaned up in my computer after the incident, but I
> don't know where to look.
Looking where can be an isolated program file in Windows registries seem to me
like looking for a needle in a bunch of hay  :)

I would try unstalling from a new .exe freshly loaded, then if the result is not
better, a scan in the files for cleaning. If not better, saving the datas and
the loaded programms, then installing Windows completely again, before running
a new .exe
By the way, where is supposed to be the CSS function in Amaya 9.0-pre4 ?
I found a function to whatch the tree of the document, but nothing that looks
like CSS style sheet viewing, as I expected when reading the the documentation.

> Best Regards,
> Allan Rabjerg

This one version is quite handsome, by the way  :)

Best Regards too.
Joyce Markoll.

Received on Friday, 31 December 2004 05:36:35 UTC