Amaya 8.7: Color Bug in Windows 98 Version?


I really like the concept of Amaya—Browser and Editor in one program. But there is one thing pretending me to use Amaya frequently, which also occured in Amaya 8.3 from wich I updated recently to 7.3 hoping this wouldn’t have this bug anymore:
My Amaya displays all the pages in the same awful colors. Though I set black as color and white as background color in the Amaya preferences and I even inserted
* {color:black !important; background-color:white !important}
in the amaya.css all pages—even the source window, the structure window and all the other windows—have some awful turquoise as background color and black and a rather annoying pink for text, borders etc. I tried almost everything but the colors won’t change. I made a screenshot to illustrate the issue (104 KB):
Is this a bug or just my fault? How can I change this so that Amaya uses black as color and white as background color but this dafaults are overwritten by the CSS rules (as they should be normally)?

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Maximilian Baumgart.
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Received on Monday, 20 December 2004 15:39:42 UTC