Re: AmayaWX 9.0pre WinXP minor bug: shortcuts in menu

On Thu, 9 Dec 2004 10:40:56 -0000
"Dr Geoffrey Kantaris" <> wrote:

> Could I suggest that the Amaya team take this opportunity to rationalize the 
> shortcut system, since the complex ones have these problems with xwidgets? 
> It's a fact that most PC (and Mac) computer users today are very used to 
> Office-style shortcuts. We're trying to implement Amaya as a web editing 
> solution in the Modern Languages Faculty at Cambridge University, and users 
> almost universally complain that Amaya is unintuitive to use -- I think the 
> "foreignness" of the commands that have to be typed, (Ctrl-o+Ctrl-o to open 
> a file, Ctrl-i+Ctrl-e for emphasis) is largely responsible for this. I know 
> that users or implementers can customize the keyboard file all they want, 
> but for Joe Public downloading Amaya for the first time, useability would be 
> immensely improved if the 'standard' PC-based keymapping file followed the 
> most used shortcuts of, say, OpenOffice, including Ctrl-b for strong(bold), 
> Ctrl-i for emphasis(italics), Ctrl-o to open a file, Ctrl-a to select all, 
> Ctrl-w to close a window, F11 to open a dialogue for inserting CSS-style 
> classes, Ctrl-k to insert a hyperlink, F7 for spelling...; and then build 
> the other less used shortcuts around these. Above all, simple and often-used 
> commands (like emphasis and strong) really should have a simple one-press 
> short-cut as standard: it is terribly slow to type Ctrl-i+Ctrl-e just to get 
> emphasis.

That seems a good suggestion.
I f you could provide us a new version of the file Amaya/config/amaya.kb
(see attached file) that implements that we'll integrate the file in the current release.

I keep the suggestion to provide a list of shortcuts files and to allow users to switch
between them by the preference dialogue.

>     PS We're desperate for the Mac version here! Keep up the good work!
>         Geoffrey 

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