Re: AmayaWX 9.0pre WinXP minor bug: shortcuts in menu

On Thu, 9 Dec 2004, Dr Geoffrey Kantaris wrote:

> almost universally complain that Amaya is unintuitive to use -- I think the
> that users or implementers can customize the keyboard file all they want,
> but for Joe Public downloading Amaya for the first time, useability would be
> immensely improved if the 'standard' PC-based keymapping file followed the

This is definitely a good usability point, though the Amaya
standards may be a standard from elsewhere....

> most used shortcuts of, say, OpenOffice, including Ctrl-b for strong(bold),
> Ctrl-i for emphasis(italics), Ctrl-o to open a file, Ctrl-a to select all,
> Ctrl-w to close a window, F11 to open a dialogue for inserting CSS-style

I'd suggest supplying 2 (or more?) default keyboard files and give
people some means of choosing between them easily, possibly from the
GUI.  I'm thinking about the way browsers allow choosing of
alternative style sheets depending on whether there are any....


Received on Thursday, 9 December 2004 11:06:13 UTC