Re: Amaya 9.0-pre: "\" in the address field

At 2004-12-08 16:44, Stephane Gully <> wrote:

>>>What I did was to select Help and Spell Checking. When selecting the 
>>>listed topic did not work,
>>Following the link in the doc didn't work because there was a bug in 
>>documentation installation paths.
>>I just fixed it in CVS.
>>Maybe the other part of your problem that I still can't reproduce will be 
>>resolved with this fix...
>I've just generated Amaya 9.0-pre2, please could you try to reproduce your 
>bug with this new fresh version ? You can download it at this adresse :
>Stéphane GULLY - (

The bug cannot be reproduced with the new version in the manner described 
above, but then I do not understand what caused it in that case.

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