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At 2004-12-07 21:16, Peter Kerr <> wrote:

>On 03/12/2004, at 23:38, Lars Bruzelius wrote:
>>May be I should have been more explicit. Selecting the minus character
>>from the Greek alphabet tablet when editing MathML normally
>>generates the symbolic variable "&minus;", whatever Unicode
>>value that character is, but in the case described the
>>glyph "" (hexadecimal AF) is inserted instead.
>I wondered at your first posting, why are you using minus from
>a Greek alphabet?

No, I am not using the "minus" from the Greek alphabet, I selected the 
character "-" from the tablet entitled "Greek alphabet" available from the 
"Maths" tablet. The "Greek alpabet" tablet includes many mathematical 
operators and symbols in addition to the Greek alphabet.

>Yes I know that there are various forms of a
>"Symbol" character set which are used for mathematics, and the first
>127 chars in these usually correspond to "greek ascii".
>But after that things are undefined.
>"Character entity references in HTML 4"
>refers to the "widely available Adobe Symbol font, including Greek..."
>Their table of characters has this line:
><!ENTITY minus    CDATA "&#8722;" -- minus sign, U+2212 ISOtech -->
>My MacOS 10.3.5 Character Pallette informs me minus is at
>Unicode 2212 or UTF8 E2 88 92
>but as Irene posted, you must declare your Doctype to include
>these encodings, then pray that other browsers follow the rules...

Amaya should make the necessary declaration or use the numerical reference, 
not I.

However, the reported bug is that, in the case described, Amaya does not 
generate the symbolic variable "&minus;" as it does in other cases when 
this character is selected, but the character macron.

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