Re: Amaya 8.7 Windows XP possible bug: font-stretch property ignored

Hi, Vincent

>Property font-stretch, which was introduced in CSS 2.0
>was removed from CSS 2.1. It was not considered a
>priority to implement a property that should become obsolete
>in the next CSS recommendation.

The font-stretch property has been removed in CSS 2.1 CR, but it is included
in CSS3 font module draft. I understand that CSS 2.1 is a subset of CSS 2,
but it is not the foundation for future evolution. In any case, it should be
stated somewhere that Amaya parses the CSS file against CSS 2.1. Perhaps the
parsing error window should display an explanation like:
   property not in CSS 2.1: "font-stretch: expanded"

By the way, there are some properties, also dropped in CSS 2.1 that are
allowed by Amaya. For instance, caption-side, font-size-adjust or
text-shadow (there may be others). If font-stretch is not allowed, these
properties should neither be allowed.

Best regards,
Bartolomé Sintes Marco (

Received on Wednesday, 24 November 2004 21:19:02 UTC