Re: Amaya white-space handling


>The PRESERVE_SPACE option just prevents Amaya to apply the rule
>during the edit session, so in this case white spaces are preserved during
>the session and are saved, but they are ignored when the document is
>reloaded by the parser.

If the extra spaces disappear every time the document is loaded, it is very
difficult to edit a document with extra spaces in Amaya, because everytime
you edit the document you have to insert all the extra-spaces.

>White spaces are preserved within <pre> elements or within elements with
>a  "xml:space="preserve" attribute.

I have had never tried this attribute. So I have tried it and I have
generate the following code:
  <p xml:space="preserve">Let's   try    it</p>
Amaya saves and loads the XHTML 1.0 Strict document without warning,
preserving the extra spaces, but when I validate the document using the
W3C validator, I get the following error:
   there is no attribute "xml:space"
Is it a bug?

>>Even if it worked corectly, a global PRESERVE_SPACE option is not a true
>>white-space property support. The option should be only applied to
>>elements with a 'white-space: pre' style.
>We know that CSS property, but we think that a CSS rule mustn't change the
>behavior of the HTML and XML parsers. The CSS role is to control the
>document display for a given document structure. Spaces introduced into the
>document source to make it more readable concern structure parsers and not
>the CSS engine.

I can not discuss if a CSS rule must or mustn't change the behaviour of
parsers, but since white-space is in CSS2 and will be in CSS3 (at the
moment, it is in CSS3 Text draft), Amaya should support it, shouldn't it?

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Received on Monday, 22 November 2004 17:04:32 UTC