Amaya 8-7 WinXP bug: empty parsing errors window


On October 2004, I sent a bug report
( for
Amaya 8.7pre. Irčne answered
( that
this bug was fixed in the CVS version, but this bug is still present in
Amaya 8.7 for Windows XP.

If there is an error in a CSS file, a warning message window is shown when
the CSS file is saved. In this window, it is said that the user can obtain
details of the error through the File > Show parsing errors menu option. But
this option is disabled in the CSS window and it is only enabled in the
normal view window. I suggest the File > Show parsing errors option should
be also enabled in the CSS file window.

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Bartolomé Sintes (htttp://

Received on Saturday, 20 November 2004 21:59:50 UTC