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Bob Hickling <> wrote:

> Hi.
> I think I'm pretty savvy in use of these systems, but getting amaya installed and running is not obvious.  I'm on Windows XP.  I downloaded the setup file.  This was slightly unusual in that I was not given a choice of where to put it.  I always put things like this in a directory of downloaded installation files, but the amaya download only seems to allow putting it on the desktop (Maybe that was Mozilla.  I just downloaded Foxfire 1.0 an hour ago and don't know much of its behavior yet).  So I executed the amaya setup file and it announced that it would install amaya.  On confirmation, it did something very quickly and exited.  Now I see no way to invoke it.  There is no amaya icon, no amaya in the start menu, no executable file on my disk, and as nearly as I can see, no choice anywhere in Foxfire 1.0 that invokes it.  

Normally the setup file gives a choice of where to put it and generates an entry in the start menu.
I guess the setup doesn't work correctly on your Windows box perhaps because your system was updated
and some necessary tools were lost or broken.

> The user manual starts off very clearly with the command line required to start it from Unix systems, but .... what does a Windows user do?  

You can try to install the .zip file in a directory (by example C:\Program Files).
You may then generate a link to the application C:\Program File\Amaya\Windows\bin\amaya.exe
We're looking for a better solution with future versions.

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