HTML.trans: transf. to remove any element and keep it's content

   is it possible to create such a transformation that transforms
'<any_tag>some text</any_tag>' into 'some text'?

- I know how to do it for a given element, e.g.
'Remove strong: (strong{*+}); { * > :*; }' (1).
- But if I try to generalize it like this:
'Remove element: (elm:*{*+}); { * > :*; }' (2)
it removes instead the parent element.
- If I have the structure text:strong:p:body, (1) removes strong 
correctly, while (2) removes p.

Of course I could rewrite (1) for any possible tag but I believe there 
must be an easier way. Thank's!

                  Jakub Holy
ICQ:    98180462

Received on Monday, 25 October 2004 07:21:03 UTC