HTML 4.01 strict parsed incorrectly

The document at:

Validates according to osgmlnorm and

However, Amaya 8.5-1 from the Debian/testing package (sparc32 userland)
gives me:

Blue lines are links activated by a double (or a single) click
*** Errors/warnings in
   line 17, char 0: Warning - unknown tag <P/Hello,>
   line 17, char 1: Syntax error
   line 202, char 1: Syntax error
   line 216, char 124: Invalid attribute "border" for the document profile
   line 219, char 1: Syntax error

Line 17 is due to SGML short tag notation:

Line 202 is due to the omission of the TAGC on line 201:
201: <P CLASS="kitty"><IMG SRC="wai.png" ALT="Grey ball of cute fur."></P
202: <P>

Line 216, I have no idea.  It doesn't have 124 characters or a border
attribute in the doc.

Line 219, I'm thinking is for line 220 or 221 instead, due to the omission
of the TAGC:
219:     </p>
220: </BODY
221: </HTML>

Also, the kitty pic isn't centered, despite the <STYLE> tag. :-)

-- DN

Received on Tuesday, 19 October 2004 09:08:28 UTC