Re: publishing with amaya

On Mon, 4 Oct 2004, Irene Vatton wrote:

> The announce message was "[Announcement] Amaya 8.6 Snapshot" and=20
> it's listed as a Snapshot everywhere.
> For me it was clear that it could not be considered as a stable version.

best to be explicit about this, though.  It could have been the
latest snapshot of a release with recent fixes backported into it.

> Perhaps the confusion is due to its name 8.6.
> We plan also to make a pre-release 2 weeks before the 8.7 release.
> Do we have to call it 8.6+ or 8.7.pre or what else?

8.7.pre is better, IMHO.

You could adopt the convention used by 
Yukihiro Matsumoto for developing Ruby: odd minor versions are
unstable, even ones are stable. 
> Regards
>      Irene.


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