I don't think any browser can handle that page: as Mr. Russell said, even
Opera and Mozilla have serious problems (e.g., in Mozilla, the overlap
between the first paragraph and the border of the rounded-cornered box, in
Opera, the alpha is inconsistent, the rounded boxes aren't rounded, etc.).
Perhaps the designer ran away with the technologies too much.

> the CSS style reference page
> really gets mangled in Amaya....
> mind you msie, netscape, and opera
> are all having problems with this page too.
> it says something about consistancy of implementation
> (or lack thereof). Stylesheets were supposed to solve
> this but many pages WITHOUT style seem to render
> better across the range of browsers.....
> This may be more deeply rooted than an Amaya
> implementation issue but work is required in this browser too.
> John Russell, VE3LL@RAC.CA
> Be sure to check your HTML markup code
> tags by using or

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