Re: wrong color in images

Irene Vatton schrieb:
> > Hallo,
> >
> > I use amaya-5.1 (11 July 2001) on Win98. I've got the graphic card
> > ASUS V3000 with driver V3.41 Beta 2. When I use high-color (16Bit),
> > Amaya shows wrong colors in the images, when I use true-color
> > (24Bit) or 256 colors, the images are correctly displayed. This
> > error doesn't depend on gif, jpg or png.
> >
> > Can I solve the problem by settings somewhere in amaya or is it a
> > bug, so that I must wait till a bug fix is available?
> The color encoding differs with each platform (Windows or Unix) and each
> screen depth. I tested a lot of these configurations including the
> 16 Bit screen + Windows platform (Win 95/98/NT) and it works correctly
> with tested images (those included in the AmayaPage.html, Annotations.html,
> etc.)
> Do you have troubles with these images?

Yes, both the images on and the
local amaya.png are wrong. In Opera 3.6, IE 5.5 and Netscape 4.7
they are displayed correct. The amaya.png seems to be a gray scaled
picture, but amaya shows it in some violet and olive. When I capture
the wrong image from the display and take it apart in RGB with
PaintShopPro, I can see, that the blue part is correct, but the red
and green part are not correct.

With kind regards
Regina Henschel

Received on Wednesday, 19 September 2001 17:55:32 UTC