CSS2 suggestion/request


I have noticed that Amaya does not support the CSS2 properties max-width and min-width. I would
like to request these to get implemented as they are very useful for printing. Without, printing
is cumbersome and here is why:

A document has an image that looks good in the browser but it is too wide for printing. It should
therefore be scaled, but only for the print media. This is easily done with the following style:

@media print { 
  img { max-width:15cm }         

The height or max-height is not specified and should therefore be adjusted automatically by the
browser to keep aspect-ratio.

The only problem here is of course the lack of support for these CSS2 properties in Amaya, and in
almost any other browser as well. But I hope that Amaya could be a pioneer to implement some more
CSS2 support.

Lars Fastrup

but the max-width 

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Received on Tuesday, 4 September 2001 13:50:54 UTC