Re: Amaya 5.1 MathML trouble with congruent vs. approximately-equal

i just tried to duplicate your problem -- but on my machine it places
an ≅  and displays as approx equal (with tilda)
using win98 and amaya 5.1 (july 11) binary !!!

On 3 Sep 2001, at 17:21, Michael Bowen wrote:

> I am using Amaya to create MathML snippets for my mostly non-mathematical 
> web pages.
> I noticed that the Greek Alphabet menu in the Amaya MathML editor also 
> contains some handy math symbols, one of which is the approximately-equal 
> symbol, located in the fourth row of the grid, immediately to the left of 
> capital Greek "alpha". (It looks like a tilde stacked on top of a standard
> equals sign.) One of my "equations" is only approximately correct, so I tried to
> use this symbol for the first time today. Upon clicking the symbol, Amaya
> incorrectly writes this into the file as the character entity ≡,
> rather than as ≅ (equivalent to ≅ or U+2245, according to Chapter 24
> of the HTML 4.0 spec). The next time Amaya opens, it displays the incorrect
> expression as an identity symbol (this looks like an equals sign with a 50%
> bonus).
> Although I can fix the symbol by hand (and it thankfully stays fixed, once I
> correct it), I am hoping that the fix would be a "quickie" replacement of the
> ≡ string with a ≅ string in a table somewhere. Unfortunately,
> IANAP (I am not a programmer), so I can't do it myself.
> I am running the Windows 95/98 precompiled binary, downloaded from the 
> public Amaya site. Thank you for your consideration.
> --MB

John Russell, VE3LL@RAC.CA

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