CSS feature requests

Can amaya add support for the CSS 2 features :before :after content: attr()
and uri() and the generic attribute selector [] ?

This would enable easy presentation of acceskeys which are defined for a page
(this is important) using a use style sheet:

*[accesskey]:before { content: "[" attr( accesskey ) "]" }


*[accesskey]:before { content: "[C-" attr( accesskey ) "]" }

for example. It would also enable the "show targets" view option to be
re-implemented in CSS:

*[id]:beforev , a[name]:before { content: uri(target.png) }

and therefore provide a nicer method for identig=fying SVG targets by using
some SVG-related convention. (The show map areas could also be applied in SVG
using this method).



Received on Tuesday, 28 August 2001 23:47:56 UTC