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> to whom-
> after reading tim's book (weaving the web) I visited the
> site. everything looked fine.  I downloaded amaya (5.1 for win9x)
> and when I start it, the colors and icons look all wrong.  I took
> a screen shot of the initial page (attached) so you could see what
> I am seeing.  I tried all manner of color resolutions, backgrounds,
> etc on my machine (win98).  It is still not right.  Even the w3c
> logo and validation icons look low rez.  I read the whole FAQ, but
> I cannot determine what I am doing wrong.

The image display depends on the screen model. So could you give us
more information about the screen depth: 8, 16, 24, 32.
If possible you can also try to increase the screen depth and re-launches 
Amaya (parameters are read during the initialization).

> If you have the time for a reply, I would be obliged.  If not, I
> understand that you are busy, and I'll find another way to get an
> answer.  In either case, keep up the good work!  Rest assured that
> common folks out here appreciate it.
> wayne
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Received on Tuesday, 21 August 2001 03:41:37 UTC