Re: Keyboard control of graphics

> Is it possible to use the keyboard file to define shortcuts for the various
> graphics functions available on the palette? These aren't available via the
> menus either, so I have to use a mouse to put them there (then I canedit the
> attributes directly).

Not yet.

> What would be nice is to have a default placement when they are selected from
> teh keyboard, and the ability to move them around before "fixing" them in
> place.

Right. This is an item of the future work on the SVG editing.

> This is similar to the functionality that used to exist for making links via
> the keyboard - I could use the navigation keys to move around the document
> (and between documents) to get to what I wanted to link to. Then I had to
> mouse-click to make the link there.

The better way will be to register "what you wanted to link to" first.

> If it was only one key (such as space) that triggered the dialog asking for a
> URI, could this be enabled again, with the addition of a key to anchor the
> link to wherever the cursor had got to?
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