Re: sentence spacing

yes it is possible and browsers could do it if designer desired!
in fact i have an awk utility that does this (replaces with &nbsp;<%32> )
I suspect that browser designers are now trying to follow recommendations
or at least implement as much as possible. 
<aside> Opera folks had no idea that alternate stylesheet concept even
 existed let alone when they would implement ;-[  ;-[ ) </aside>
The fact that a sentence structure has no equivalent in html/css is
a big hole and one consequence is that there is no simple style property
for the common design of ?bigger? space after a sentence termination.
Unfortunately I dont think the situation will change in the future either.
Thus as it isn't in recommendation, it isn't in Amaya domain to address ----
maybe some commentary to the recommendations group may help
he said ROTFL
So its time to roll your own utility (as i have), probably better done in
Perl by you younger folk.... awk is language of us ancients
 (documentation is bilingual (Greek and Hebrew) )    ta fer now

On 13 Aug 2001, at 11:15, Patrick Rourke wrote:

> My mistake.  I thought browsers do, but can't find any evidence to support
> that belief, so I am likely wrong.  However, it should be logically possible to
> distinguish *most* end-of-sentence periods from *most* other periods (see if the
> letter following the space following the period is a capital, and then check the
> letters before the period to see if they match those abbreviations (like
> courtesy titles, or the Ph. in Ph.D., U.S. in U.S.A., etc.) most likely to end
> in periods and be followed by a capital, etc.).
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> > Could the contributer that said browsers do spacing after sentences
> > please reference the browsers that do this. I know many word pro
> > and page design editors work this way but have yet to see a browser
> > do other than a simple space following a sentence.
> > John Russell, VE3LL@RAC.CA
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> > Be sure to check your HTML markup code
> > tags by using or
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John Russell, VE3LL@RAC.CA

Be sure to check your HTML markup code
tags by using or

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