Re: Page Break Example

The current version of Amaya does not provide any user interface to
manipulate the CSS page-break properties. Those properties are
interpreted by the print program, though.

Supposing you want a page break before every h2 element, you will
have to include the following in the source file of your document:

   <style type="text/css">
     h2 {page-break-before: always}

This must be included in the head element.
If there is already a style element, you just need the second line.
You won't see any change in the formatted document on the screen.
This works only when printing.


Luigi Paganini wrote:
> Dear Amaya Team,
> can you please send me the step by step instructions to create the
> CSS page break properties "page-break-before: always"; and the instructions
> to apply it to an element ?
> If I well understood this future allow me to insert page breaks in
> my printed document.
> Is it true ?
> Thanks in advance
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Received on Monday, 23 July 2001 10:17:36 UTC